Friday, 28 June 2013

Canon 5D Mark ||| vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Canon 5D and Blackmagic Cinema Camera , two are brilliant sujjestion for cinematography , ok , then let's find out some comparisons and which will be we prefer....

Canon 5D and Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Post Processing 

After a lengthy process of getting the RAW files converted into something usable we graded both to match more or less. We didn't do a very sophisticated grade, working with RAW files like that is time consuming.

What became clear is that both camera provide very similar capable RAW files. You can adjust everything and everything is possible .You can get similar details out of the sky and set all you like in post.Color temperature,tint,dynamic range , no problem .The 5D just as strong as the BMCC , providing maybe a bit more dynamic range.Where the cameras differ in terms of RAW is one big thing :Noise .The 5D mark 3 can shoot indoors at ISO 1600 and there's almost no noise while the Blackmagic starts to get ugly at this point.

The noise from the BMCC is also apparent when raising the blacks in a shot.
Moire and aliasing is another big big issue on Blackmagic and there is very little of that on the 5D RAW.The cleanness of the shots of the 5D RAW in general is extremely pleasing and jumps at you when you sit in front of the RAW images

visual comparison 


The 5D RAW has the clear advantage of a large sensor and never before seen ISO performance on a
RAW camera. It's intriguing and soon a stable vision will probalbly be ready for real usage.
On the downside the 5D RAW has a little less detail than the Blackmagic or an Alexa
but a lot more detail than the 5D had without the RAW hack.

Article Courtesy to  CINEMA5D

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