Friday, 21 June 2013

Little Girl Chained Public in Syria!

little girl chained public by terrorists!

"Look at her cute face, does anyone can see any kind of blemish else than her sincere cute face ? How dare people can do like this to a little one. If anyone with a heart can't endure with this , otherwise they are not humans , then they have no longer eligibility for being a human"
                              This is happen in Syria , the little girl is chained by Syrian rebels (FSA) and Elnosra front for religious reasons . The girl is Shiites.Then her parents have been killed in front of her. And these terrorists are also protected by U.S.A  

   We don't want to close our eyes with darkness , there is a lot of one need help , they want to aware it to us, but most these noises are filtered out by media on there by the pressure of government. I do as i can. So you also....

We are not human when we close our eyes upon them. So wake up! and aware!

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