Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Beautiful Vision

One day a family was traveling in a train.There was a father , mother and a son , enjoying their traveling with ice cream , chocolate..
After sometime another family just entered into their boggy and sit in front of them.
                      There was a father , mother and around a boy.
The face of the father and mother was with full of joy , they looking very happy at their son. And son was looking around the train with an eye of excitement.
The first family was buzy with their eating and pomp .
                   Train began to move...
Suddenly the boy with the second family said : PAPPAA!!! MAMMA!!!...WE ARE MOVING!!!
his father and mother smiled and said : yes honey , we are moving...
The first family looked at them without a care.

                     Train become more speed...

The boy was very excited , he look out of the window and loudly said : PAPPAA!!!MAMMA!!...the trees and clouds are running back, 

father replied with joining his excitement ; yes son, they are running

                 The first family was looking at them very weird and the father of the first family asked to the father of the second family ; hello , i'm sorry for asking, what age is your son ?

father replied : he is 24

the son was still looking through the window...

the father of the first family asked : is there any problem with your child ? he is saying nonsense like a baby mind.

father replied :he was blind, he got his vision today through a critical operation, we are on the way from hospital :)

"so just mind about your vision, it is one of the great gift from god :)"

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