Sunday, 24 May 2015

Blossom awaits!

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Friday, 19 July 2013


Today was a very shocking morning for every India, not only India , around the world this day left with a disappointing memory.
           The children aged among four to 12 died after eating lentils,vegetables and rice cooked in Bihar's Saran .The scale of the tragedy provoked violent protests from parents and relations in Chappra,Bihar , one of India's poorest states , and anger throughout the country.The Government set to launch to feed 800 million poor , with an eye on election due within an year.
lunch serving in at Indian school
The headmistress of an Indian school where 23 pupils died after eating a free lunch contaminated with pesticides forced a cook to ignore complaints and serve the suspect food , police have claimed.

Shortly after her instruction, the cook collapsed and, 90 minutes later, the first victim , Anushu Kumar, aged four and a half , died on his way to hospital.Investigators believe that the mustard oil used in cooking the meal had been contaminated with poisonous organophosphate pesticides.

Several parents buried the bodies of their children in front of the school in protest on Thursday.

"We decided to bury our children in front of the school building to remind the government that they died because of their negligence " - said Madav Ram, whose 12 year old son Rahul was among the vivtims.
and also Bihar returns 463 crore rupees of food to the centre.

This incident was one of the daring tragedy in India's history.
Government dismiss the school principal and health authority.But it does not complete this, there is a lot of school. So government should want to check the food, at least they aware these are to feed poor kids.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Beautiful Vision

One day a family was traveling in a train.There was a father , mother and a son , enjoying their traveling with ice cream , chocolate..
After sometime another family just entered into their boggy and sit in front of them.
                      There was a father , mother and around a boy.
The face of the father and mother was with full of joy , they looking very happy at their son. And son was looking around the train with an eye of excitement.
The first family was buzy with their eating and pomp .
                   Train began to move...
Suddenly the boy with the second family said : PAPPAA!!! MAMMA!!!...WE ARE MOVING!!!
his father and mother smiled and said : yes honey , we are moving...
The first family looked at them without a care.

                     Train become more speed...

The boy was very excited , he look out of the window and loudly said : PAPPAA!!!MAMMA!!...the trees and clouds are running back, 

father replied with joining his excitement ; yes son, they are running

                 The first family was looking at them very weird and the father of the first family asked to the father of the second family ; hello , i'm sorry for asking, what age is your son ?

father replied : he is 24

the son was still looking through the window...

the father of the first family asked : is there any problem with your child ? he is saying nonsense like a baby mind.

father replied :he was blind, he got his vision today through a critical operation, we are on the way from hospital :)

"so just mind about your vision, it is one of the great gift from god :)"

Friday, 28 June 2013

Canon 5D Mark ||| vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Canon 5D and Blackmagic Cinema Camera , two are brilliant sujjestion for cinematography , ok , then let's find out some comparisons and which will be we prefer....

Canon 5D and Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Post Processing 

After a lengthy process of getting the RAW files converted into something usable we graded both to match more or less. We didn't do a very sophisticated grade, working with RAW files like that is time consuming.

What became clear is that both camera provide very similar capable RAW files. You can adjust everything and everything is possible .You can get similar details out of the sky and set all you like in post.Color temperature,tint,dynamic range , no problem .The 5D just as strong as the BMCC , providing maybe a bit more dynamic range.Where the cameras differ in terms of RAW is one big thing :Noise .The 5D mark 3 can shoot indoors at ISO 1600 and there's almost no noise while the Blackmagic starts to get ugly at this point.

The noise from the BMCC is also apparent when raising the blacks in a shot.
Moire and aliasing is another big big issue on Blackmagic and there is very little of that on the 5D RAW.The cleanness of the shots of the 5D RAW in general is extremely pleasing and jumps at you when you sit in front of the RAW images

visual comparison 


The 5D RAW has the clear advantage of a large sensor and never before seen ISO performance on a
RAW camera. It's intriguing and soon a stable vision will probalbly be ready for real usage.
On the downside the 5D RAW has a little less detail than the Blackmagic or an Alexa
but a lot more detail than the 5D had without the RAW hack.

Article Courtesy to  CINEMA5D

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Uttarakhand Flooding Helping Resources!

Google launches new person finder about Uttarakhand Flooding
So anyone has information about anyone or anyone wish to find anyone who trapped in flooding..
Please visit the link : Google Person Finder : Uttarakhand 2013

Uttarakhand floods information contacts

  • Uttarkashi:(+91) 1374-226461
  • Chamoli:(+91) 1372-251437, 9411352136
  • Rudraprayag:(+91) 1364-233727,9412914875
  • Control Room (Uttarakhand):(+91) 135-2710334, 9557444486

we are trying all of you to contribute better improvements ,

Monday, 24 June 2013

Uttarakhand: 10,000 still stranded as rain, landslides hamper rescue operations

GAUCHAR, UTTARAKHAND: Fresh rain, landslides and cloudburst on Monday sent shudders in flood-ravaged Uttarakhand impeding operations to evacuate over 10,000 stranded people even as the state government barred other states from undertaking unilateral rescue efforts.
Bad weather grounded most of the big military choppers from bringing people to safety. Small helicopters managed to evacuate only 138 from Badrinath, Pandukeshwar and Lambagar in Chamoli district.
Lord Shiva's statue!

Reports from Chamoli and Pauri districts said it was raining in the higher reaches hampering chopper operations. The state capital Dehradun was also drenched with rain.
Fresh landslides in Rudraprayag and on Badrinath highway also choked the route.
Besides rains and landslides, a cloudburst was reported in Mulan village in Paithani kasba in Pauri following incessant rains. Many houses collapsed but casualties, if any, were not immediately known.
With a number of states sending its teams to flood-hit areas of Uttarakhand, the state government today decided not to allow any other state to undertake unilateral rescue efforts.
In Delhi, home minister Sushilkumar Shinde said the death toll in flood-ravaged Uttarakhand may cross the 1,000 mark after the debris is cleared.
Uttarakhand disaster management minister Yashpal Arya had yesterday said that at "At least 5,000 people must have been killed in the deluge that inflicted heavy damage on vast tracts of land especially in Kedarnath valley".
"About 5000 people are yet to be evacuated from Badrinath and not even a single chopper has so far been able to take off from Sahasradhara helipad here to rescue stranded pilgrims at the shrine and affected pockets adjacent to it," Retd Wing Commander Capt R S Brar, who has been entrusted with the task of overseeing air rescue operations, said.

With inclement weather affecting chopper operations, the state government's plans to launch a final combing operation in the worst-hit Kedarnath Valley in search of possible stranded pilgrims in pockets has also hit a roadblock.
However, official sources said an IAF chopper has been sent from Gauchar to Badrinath axis to assess the weather and find out whether it would be possible to resume rescue operations in the area where the majority of stranded pilgrims are located.
In Delhi, NDMA member V K Duggal said that "there were some operational issues" relating to relief and rescue work that were being sorted out.
Superintendent of Police Rudraprayag Biranderjeet Singh said, "The roads are already fragile in some parts of the district. So, I have issued an advisory to tourists and other persons searching for their loved ones to leave for Rishikesh as soon as possible."
He said around 8000 lives were saved as all tourist police chowkis kept on announcing that there would be heavy rainfall and that they should try to avoid the yatra.

"I think my men did a huge job, that today we have saved around 7000-8000 people, they were kept alive by them, they were taken to safe places or advised to be taken to safe places that did a great work," he said.
Kedarnath Valley, the temple town which was the epicentre of the floods and landslides, was yesterday cleared of all stranded pilgrims in stepped up rescue operations.
The official death toll as of yesterday was put at 680 while Uttarakhand chief minister Vijay Bahuguna said the death toll is likely to be around 1,000.
Meanwhile, 14 American tourists struck at Banjar camp in Himachal Pradesh's rain-ravaged Kinnaur district were evacuated and brought to Rampur as rescue operations to airlift 200 tourists and locals resumed this morning.
Uttar Pradesh also received fresh rains today leading to a rise in the water level of Ganga, Ghaghra and Sharda rivers.

Saturday, 22 June 2013



Como têm sido mostrado pela mídia, o Brasil está passando por um momento histórico em meio a Copa das Confederações. Muitos dizem que o motivo foi o aumento no preço das passagens de ônibus, mas isso foi apenas o estopim. A luta não é contra a copa, nem contra a FIFA, os brasileiros querem mudanças, pois se o governo possui bilhões para reformar estádio de futebol, por que não possui dinheiro para melhorar as condições de vida da população como saúde, educação, saneamento? Além disso o povo quer um governo limpo, em que a corrupção deixe de dominar. Pra falar a verdade, o Brasil já devia ter feito isso há muito tempo, pois os problemas não são poucos, muito menos recentes. Mas o gigante acordou, e está cansado de tanta roubalheira, do destino que o dinheiro pago em tantos impostos têm levado. Há ainda aqueles que por meio de violência querem se infiltrar no movimento, dizendo estar preocupados com o país: esses apenas se aproveitam do momento para saquear propriedades e para manchar a imagem do movimento. Não é o erro e a falta de compromisso de dezenas que vai quebrar com a beleza do momento feito por centenas de milhares.

A demonstrator in Brasilia lies on the street wrapped National flag to Protest Against  the allocation of funds towards the Confederation cup and Next year Worldcup without Caring People's demands!

Espero que o Brasil consiga mudar depois desses protestos, que toda essa movimentação sirva para mostrar que a população não está totalmente alienada e despreocupada com seu país. Assim como em outros momentos em que houve protestos, como na época da ditadura, a população pode sim mostrar que é a maior força deste país.

students protest against the rise in public bus and subway in Sao Paulo on June 13


Translation : 

As has been shown by the media, Brazil is experiencing a historic moment in the midst of the Confederations Cup. Many say that the reason was the increase in the price of the bus, but that was just the trigger. The fight is not against the canopy, nor against FIFA, the Brazilians want change, because if the government has billions to reform football stadium, why not have money to improve the living conditions of the population such as health, education, sanitation? Also the people want a clean government, where corruption ceases to dominate. To tell the truth, Brazil should have done this a long time, because the problems are not few, much less recent. But the giant awoke, and are tired of so much thievery, the fate that the money paid in taxes has led so many. There are even those who by violence want to infiltrate the movement, saying he was concerned about the country: they only take advantage of the moment to loot properties and to tarnish the image of the movement. There is error and lack of commitment of dozens that will break with the beauty of the moment made ​​by hundreds of thousands.

A gas canister fumes during clash between police and demonstrators!

I hope Brazil can change after these protests, that all this movement serves to show that the population is not totally alienated and unconcerned about their country. As in other times when there were protests, as the dictatorship, the people can indeed show that is the greatest strength of this country.

People Together!!!

                                                              Post By  : Isabela Alves