Saturday, 22 June 2013


we fought for our demands!

Brazil, the country where the samba exists. The country was once ranked one of the happiest in the world a stunning,massive, marvel, the emerging "B" in BRICS, and soon to play host to two of the planet's hugest sporting events, the Worldcup and the Olympics.
 But the people of Brazil doesn't want any Worldcup or Olympics, they are calling out for their primary demands such as 
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Sanitation

and thousands of people are went out to the streets to fight against the protocols of the system for some changes in their demands.And it also needful for them. Because if the government spends too much money for the upcoming events like worldcup and olympics, why don't they take care about people's problems ?

Stay Together!
as well as the media on there also suppress theses facts from the people outside of Brazil. Mostly by the pressure from government. 
I am an Indian , i have nothing other than a 'problem' is happening on Brazil, But when my friend from there tell about it, then i got the seriousness about this matter. So the media is hiding these problems from eyes outside.

  Media is for people.Even a newspaper can revolute the world. Media should want to stick together with People side.


this is what Media doing!

Let me show a command by a Brazilian citizen in facebook.

A Facebook Command By A Brazilian Protester

People Power!

there is a riddle. We can break thousands of sticks one by one , but breaking it all together by bounding is too difficult. This is also practical, when we stay and fight with the same mind we can achieve anything we want, we will won!!!

viva Brazil!

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