Friday, 19 July 2013


Today was a very shocking morning for every India, not only India , around the world this day left with a disappointing memory.
           The children aged among four to 12 died after eating lentils,vegetables and rice cooked in Bihar's Saran .The scale of the tragedy provoked violent protests from parents and relations in Chappra,Bihar , one of India's poorest states , and anger throughout the country.The Government set to launch to feed 800 million poor , with an eye on election due within an year.
lunch serving in at Indian school
The headmistress of an Indian school where 23 pupils died after eating a free lunch contaminated with pesticides forced a cook to ignore complaints and serve the suspect food , police have claimed.

Shortly after her instruction, the cook collapsed and, 90 minutes later, the first victim , Anushu Kumar, aged four and a half , died on his way to hospital.Investigators believe that the mustard oil used in cooking the meal had been contaminated with poisonous organophosphate pesticides.

Several parents buried the bodies of their children in front of the school in protest on Thursday.

"We decided to bury our children in front of the school building to remind the government that they died because of their negligence " - said Madav Ram, whose 12 year old son Rahul was among the vivtims.
and also Bihar returns 463 crore rupees of food to the centre.

This incident was one of the daring tragedy in India's history.
Government dismiss the school principal and health authority.But it does not complete this, there is a lot of school. So government should want to check the food, at least they aware these are to feed poor kids.

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